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Li-ning All England Medium Badminton Cock

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In Stock
SKU: 1503

Product description
Flight projection made in England. Natural cock for better flight. 15 percent more accurate flight than feather shuttles. Developed with latest technology for optimum flight. The shuttlecock picks up the pace and drops exactly where you planned for it to drop for that precise attacking moves. Smash efficiency perfect shuttle for attacking players. Increases the speed of the shuttle by 2 times than the feather shuttles. Efficient smash control than other nylon shuttlecocks. Smashing has never been this fun before. Smashing with the lining shuttlecocks, you can see them charging at the opponent like a bullet. Durability all England nylon shuttlecocks are developed for extreme durability. 15 percent more durable than other shuttlecocks. With the best quality nylon in the market now, your training sessions will never have to stop in the middle. Built with optimum quality nylon for everyday usage. Hit sound better hitting sound than other shuttles. Crisp sound enhancing interactive gameplay. With the new range of nylon shuttlecocks from li-Ning cast away the boring old and lousy ordinary nylon shuttlecocks.

  • Additional Information

    "NOTHING BUT ORIGINAL" Shuttle-attack(wm)
    Speed - medium for normal training conditions
    Synthetic cork head for the most accurate flight time
    Best suited for training sessions, the skirts are crafted with perfection for the best in class durability and best flight performance
    Optimum flight quality for precise smashing
    Engineering grade nylon for extreme durability
    Material: Nylon

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