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Carlton Vapour Trail 78 G1 Hl Badminton Racquets

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SKU: 20184
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Out of Stock
SKU: 20184

Carlton is one of the most recognized brands in the market and is supported by many top players over the globe. Carlton is usually prescribed for players beginning from the middle level to professional players. Carlton has some expertise in premium-quality rackets, highlighting the most recent innovations and excellent materials to deliver rackets fit to meet your particular needs and requests.

Their rackets have a top-of-the-line look and feel to them. The designs of their racket surely improve your game, and also in every case, sa

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    "NOTHING BUT ORIGINAL" Key features

    1. This incredible racket comes with 30T Japanese Hot Melt Graphite construction

    2. It effectively minimizes torsional twist with tapered and flattened design at t-joint section

    3. This badminton racket has more efficient aerodynamics in both directions of frame cross-section

    4. It has 360-degree consistent graphite layup

    5. Increased repulsion with better stability makes this Carlton badminton racket extraordinary.This racket weighs just 78gm and has a flexible shaft and exhibits the optimal balancing of head heavy. The high string strain joined with the flex shaft accommodates quick delivery speed and a loud blast of vitality after hitting, improving your shots.

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