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Team Total welcomes you to our world where you are made to feel like an athlete, a winner, and not just a customer. At Total Sports & Fitness, we like to ensure that in every interaction with us, you and your loved ones invest in a healthy life, ...

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KT TAPE PRO Kinesiology Tape, Elastic Therapeutic Tape


Comfortable to wear for up to 7 days
Stays on in water
Durable 100% Synthetic Fibers are highly breathable
KT Tape strips can be cut and applied using the edema taping technique to help provide swelling and inflammation relief.
KT Tape products can be used for alternative medical uses in an emergency such as splinting and bracing.FOR SERIOUS ATHLETES ? The most advanced kinesiology tape available, made from unique 100% synthetic fabric to maintain strength far longer than other brands. Lightweight, latex free, comfortable, provides both support & mobility, and includes safety reflective print & carry case
STRONG ADHESIVE ? Latest adhesive technology that sticks for days with effective skin preparation (see our site for tips). Our synthetic, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric provides maximum water, sweat, and humidity resistance
EASY TO USE ? Classic uncut roll of convenient tape for kinesiology applications. Easy to self-apply using our free application videos (see our site) for dozens of common injury areas. Contact us with any questions or for usage tips
HOW IT WORKS ? KT Tape helps reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain. Just ask one of our Pro or Olympic athletes who rely on KT Tape when pain is present and when championships are on the line. See our site for additional details
QUALITY GUARANTEE ? Buy with confidence in our superior quality and impeccable customer service. Contact us directly if you have any issues, problems, or questions. We are here to help you overcome pain and obstacles and do everything we can to inspire you to reach your peak performance