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Metal Plyo Box


Long lasting: USI’s metal plyo box is meant to bear extra force and weight so you can do your workouts with a free mind and accelerate your fitness levels.

Firm footing: We give you a non-slip table top for that firm footing while you jump to avoid any slip-ups or accidental falls.

Multiple workouts: USI’s metal plyo box is perfect for jumps, box-squats, step-ups and negative jumps.

Rubber base: USI’s metal plyo box has strong rubber bottom to protect your floor and also to prevent any movement while working out on them.

Material: USI’s metal plyo box is made up of high quality steel which will endure for a long time.

Soft Plyo Box (colour May Vary)


USI Universal’s soft plyo box is the topmost category when it comes to jump training and conditioning. It is one of the best qualities as it is made of tough nylon coated material and put the athletes on lesser risk while training on them. They can stored and stacked together for increasing height when one goes higher in practice. They are amalgamated with a soft and stable surface which won’t scrape your skin, thus you can perform your plyometric workout better.

Usi Wooden Plyo Box (wpb)


USI’s wooden plyo box is one complete thing for a wholesome cross training workout. The predrilled and countersunk holes with CNC router cuts make the assembling task easier. Laser marked logos renders it a fine finish and has a classy look with double coat on it.

Adjustable: The best part about USI’s wooden plyo box is that it is adjustable in height with side changes. This way you can always manage it as per your height and even increase your jump heights as you progress.