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Lp 641 Knee Support


Unique design provides firm support for joints with gentle compression over the kneecap. Helps relieve pain from injured or weak knees. Conforms naturally to the contour of the knee so it will not slip or ride up.

Lp Supports 941 Elastic Knee Support


Provides firm joint support with gentle compression over the kneecap. Helps recovery from knee injuries and relieves arthritis pain.

Lp Support Closed Patella-756 Knee Support


Hook And Loop Closure Design Fits Most Knee Sizes.Provides Comfortable Compression And Therapeutic Warmth To Relieve Pain Resulting From Strains, Sprains, Arthritis, Or Tendinitis. Retains Body Heat To Warm Knee Joint And Increase Blood Circulation.Available Sizessizing: Measure The Circumference Of The Knee At The Patella With Knee Fully Extended.One Size 31.8-40.6cm (12 1/2-16").Washing Instructionhand Wash In Cold Water With Mild Soap. Rinse Thoroughly. Air Dry At Room Temperature. Do Not Machine Wash Or Dry.Noteshould A Rash Or Irritation Occur, Discontinue Use And Consult Your Physician.Colors Of The Product May Vary

Usi Ks7-7mm Knee Sleeves Support For Fitness, Cross Training, Knee Injury- (1pc)


Strong compression – extra support- super stable The 7mm thick support provides optimal knee compression. This muscle compression induces strength, and support for controlled movements & coordination. Movements Ranging from Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Cross training

Lp 706 Knee Support


Provides comfortable pressure and maximum heat retention on the knee joint. Helpful for postoperative knee problems, strains, arthritis and protection against abrasions. Stretch fabric for easy application and comfort. Long lasting product.

Lp 708 Knee Support


Oval Pad Gives Extra Padded Protection To Knee Joint. Reinforced Stabilizer Around Kneecap Prevents Patellar Displacement. Helpful For Postoperative Knee Problems, Strains, Arthritis And Protection Against Abrasions.

Usi Ks5-5mm Knee Sleeves Support For Fitness, Cross Training, Knee Injury- (1pc)


Flexible Compression Support: This added layer gives extra support to your knees & improves blood circulation. This in turn helps in better muscle coordination & control. It reduces wasted muscle energy

LP 719CA KNEE SUPPORT (Colour may vary)


LP 719CA Extreme Knee Support with Silicone Pad
Size- (Unit Inch- 15~17 ") Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended.
Extra support strap with silicone pad helps relieve patella tendon pain.
Open patella design helps prevent abnormal tracking of the patella and relieve pressure on patella.
Provides support and compression for weak or overstressed knees.



Ensures optimum comfort with silicone soft padding, this Extreme Knee Support with Patella Tendon Strap is intended for patellar pain, including conditions of chondromalacia, tendinitis and patella-femoral pain. The knee support features horizontal straps that are adjustable for perfect fit all day long.

LP Supports 710 Hinged Knee support 


SIZE : UNIT CM ( 40.6 - 44.5 CM) Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended.

LP 170XT KNEE SUPPORT (Colour may vary)

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X-Tremus Knee Brace / 170XT
The LP X-Tremus Knee Brace targets the entire knee and provides the maximum in support with it’s 3-Dimensional knitting structure.

The Y Pattern Magic Power Band preserves energy consumption when the knee joint is flexed, thus enhancing sports explosion when it extends.

The Double C Pattern Stable Contoured Structure on both sides of the knee cap enhances joint stability, and the Donut Shaped Silicone Pad combined with close circle high-density knitted fabric improves patella stability.
This knee brace also includes bilateral spiral stays which helps to stress any shift on the knee joint, thus preventing strain or injuries.

The Durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability.
This knee brace is part of our extensive range of knee supports, and it is also very comfortable to wear thanks to the loosely fitting knit over the popliteal fossa which doesn’t restrict motion of the knee.

LP 533 C KNEE SUPPORT (Colour may vary)

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LP 533CA Extreme Knee Support (Size, Free)
Bilateral spiral stays provide extra support for the knee joint, and avoid extreme knee rotational motion.
Anterior and posterior hook and loop closure for extra stabilization and custom fit.
Open patella design with donut shaped patella pad help prevent patella abnormal tracking.
Two additional straps provide patella stability and prevent patella abnormal tracking.


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Acute sprain / strain. Arthritis. Pain and inflammation following injury or surgery
Muscle spasm and edema following injury or surgery
Size : one size fits all