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New Balance Tc-560 English Willow Bat

359 449

Age Group 15+ Yrs
Blade Made of English Willow
Advanced Playing Level
Sport Type: Cricket
With Cover
Weight Range 1200-1250 g

Puma 053336 English Willow Bat

3750 7499

Willow Type : English Willow
Body Features :Optimum Grip and Control, Round Leading Edges, Thick Edges, Tapered Toe, Multi Textured Puma Grip


11249 14999

In Box contents: 1 Cricket Bat with Cover | Material: English Willow | Grade: Grade 3 | No. of Grains : 5-7 | Needs Knocking: Yes | With Cover: Yes | Has Toe Guard: No
Suitable For: Leather Ball | Weight: 1160-1200gm | Sweet Spot: Medium | Spine Profile: Medium
Playing Style: All-Round
world's finest english willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb strokes
Handle-Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of cork in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.

Puma 053358 English Willow Bat

3500 6999

Willow Type : English Willow
Body Features :Optimum Grip and Control, Round Leading Edges, Thick Edges, Tapered Toe, Multi Textured Puma Grip

Mrf Genius Le English Willow Bat

12278 16370

Made from top of the line English willow
Traditionally shaped, designed for comfort and light pick up
Comes with adjustable paddd cover


2025 2700

Grade 3 English willow
Grade 3 English willow
Big edges
Material: English-willow
In-Box Contents: 1 Cricket Bat


4050 5400

Made from Selected English Willow Grade B.
* Bat Weight 1170 to 1220 Grams.
* 5-7 Straight Grains.
* Available in Senior/Men's Size SH.
* Rounded Handle made of Sarawak Combination Cane.

Dsc Condor Winger English Willow Bat

2750 3929

Made from Top Quality grade 4 natural English willow
Hand crafted by master craftsman
Comes with web tape in front for extra face and edges protection
Exquisite Balance for elegant batting
Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability
Treble spring handle for maximum shock absorption

Dsc Intense Ferocity English Willow Bat

3779 5399

Made from good quality Grade 4 natural English Willow
Reinforced tape on face
Handcrafted by master craftsmen
Thick edges with full Profile
Pronounced bow for improved pick-up
lower sweet spot
Treble-spring handle for maximum shock absorption
Superior cushioned grip
With a strong blade and better stroke power
English willow bats are also known for their high durability.

Mrf Bullet English Willow Bat